Drum Tower

The Drum Tower, across the Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square, to the northwest of the Bell Tower is a similar structure to the Bell Tower. It was erected in 1380, also during the Ming Dynasty. The tower got its name from the huge drum hung within it. While bell was stricken at dawn, drum was beat at sunset to indicate the end of the day. Drum Tower

The outside of the Drum Tower on its first floor, hangs many large drums. Each was decorated with some beautiful Chinese writing, which symbolizes good fortune. The impressive arrays of drums are only on show and visitors are not allowed to beat any of them. But there is a extra charge drum near the front entrance where you can have a try or pose for a picture for a small fee.

Inside the Drum Tower now is a drum museum, where a variety of drums are on display, some of which can be dated back a thousands years. A kind of drum show is performed here everyday. The top of the tower commands a panoramic view of the city.