SCC -- Sharplinks China Consultiing

SCC was established in 1999, based in Boston, United States of America. SCC provides consulting services focusing on China Environment, China Green Business Investment, China Green Education, China Natural-Tour, and Central Asia Economical Strategies.

CCT -- China XinJiang Comfort Nature-Tour International Travel co,.Ltd.

CCT was established in 1988, and is one of few highly ranked Nature-Tour agencies by the government of China, and a well known nature-tour agency worldwide. CCT has created a number of Travel History such as Luobupo (LopNor) exploration, Takalamakan Desert exploration, Loulan City exploration, Silk-Road exploration, TianShan Mt (Mt Heaven) exploration,Qinhai-Tibetan Plateau exploration, and International Motorcycle travelling activities ... CCT has built a solid management network with 20 branches in major cities arround the country. Now, CCT is ready to step into the very demanding global market.


SCC and CCT are legally bouded partners and representitives on Nature-Tour business. As agreed, SCC is the only legal partner and business representitive of CCT in North America

Core Business of SCC & CCT

Once upon a time, It was the world's first superhighway, deserts, gobis, and mountains, all these virgin land provided humans a channel to communicate between west and east, and enabled the "Silk" to make its way from .... pic To follow the foot-print of Mark Polo, To understand its historical significance, Pick the line for your next trip, SCC-CCT will fulfill your desire, and take you and your families to the route where Mark Polo used to be ...
To the students of universities and colleges, this is your choice of tasting the beauty of nature, the diversity of culture. This is also your opportunity to explore the wilderness ... jade Hetian, a city of Silk-Road, located in the southern part of Xinjiang, China, is famous for its exquisite, pure white and flawless jade -- Hetian jade, hand-crafted ...