Touring with SCC & CTT, you will have a chance to brows two Historically and Internationally famous Hand-Made Products, Xinjiang Carpet, and Hetian Jade... Carpet weaving in Xinjiang is an age-old traditional craft requiring superb hand-skill to create the carpets which are famous all over the world. Hetian Jrade, originated from Hetian (Sorthern Part of Xinjiang) is even more attractive for its exquisiteness, pureness, and flawlessness. The value of Hetian Jade beats gold, and most of dimonds ... Both Xinjiang Carpet and Hetian Jade are considered the two special Hand-Made Products of Silk-Road Culture.

Xinjiang Carpet

For anyone sauntering along the streets of Hetian's towns, the most spectacular goods on display are the gorgeous elaborate carpets.
Every village has its own weaving workshop and craftsmen, and in the homes of many countryfolk there are felt mats covering the floor, a rug-like hanging on the wall, and a patterned carpet spread over the kang, as well as exquisite cushions and antimacassars.
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Hetian Jade

Hetian jade has a history of more than 2,000 years, originating in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC).
In ancient times, Hetian jade was transported into the Central Plains in batches and then engraved into all kinds of exquisite sacrificial vessels and jade ornaments. The Jade Clothes Sewn with Gold Threads unearthed in a Western Han Tomb in Heibei Province is made of 2,000-odd pieces of Hetian jade. Through the ages, Hetian jade had been considered a priceless treasure. next page Click here to view more