Tuyugou Valley

Tuyugou ValleyTuyugou a small village lying at the south foot of Mt. Flames in the Turpan Depression, is a de facto labyrinth with winding rows of Uygur-style houses interconnected by a web of corridors and overhead bridges. After setting foot at one end of the village, a stranger may eventually emerge at the other end after passing through numerous houses.

Tuyugou is 47 kilometers to the west of Turpan city and 13 kilometers to the southwest of Gaochang Ruins. Of the several gullies of the Flaming Mountain, Tuyugou is the most beautiful with long history, splendid culture and charming natural scenery.

Tuyugou has a long history dating back to over 2,500 years ago. The stone tools found at the surface of the sand duns in the Gebi sands evidence its ancient residents. Underground of the sand duns was cemetery of the ancestors of the Tuyugou people. Glinting bronze wares with very unique shapes were once excavated in the area.