Tuyugou Grand Canyon

Tuyugou CanyonThe canyon stretches from the Subeixi ancient village in the north to the entrance of the Maza village for around 8 kilometers long. It averages 1 kilometer in width. Inside the canyon stands the highest peak of the Flaming Mountain. The canyon splits the grand Flaming Mountain into two parts. It was the most mystical place in West China. Since 1900s, groups of explorers from the wolrd have thronged to this place and still nobody find any evidence on when the canyon was formed. However, one thing is obvious that Tuyugou canyon once served as an important pass on the ancient Silk Road.

Around the Canyon are numerous cultural heritage and historical sites. At the north side lie a vast grave yards of the ancient Gushi People, a tribe living in this area. The cemetery was so big that it is renowned as the second mausoleum of the Subashi State by archeologist. In the 1920s, a large number of dry bodies and valuable cultural relics are dug out here, many of which were later transferred to Xinjiang autonomous Museum and Turpan Museum.