Tianshan Grand Canyon

Tianshan CanyonThe canyon is located at the south foot of the Tianshan Mountains, 72 kilometers north of Chuke Town. It runs from east to north, about 5.5 kilometers deep. Many years of natural erosion over the red rocks have formed this natural wonder.

The canyon has an elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level while the highest point is 2048 meters. The canyon is characterized by oddly-shaped rocks, craggy pinnacles, rugged cliffs and deep ravines. The width of the canyon changes due to the terrain. While the broadest point is 53 meter wide, the narrowest place is too narrow for one person to squeeze through sideways.

Do not miss the ruin of the Thousand Buddha Cave inside the canyon. These caves were chiseled at the zenith of the Tang Dynasty. Murals housing inside these caves can be compared with those in the Dunhuang Grottos in quality. Although Xinjiang is China’s Islamic center, the region was dominated by Buddhism in ancient time. Buddhism widely spread over the area before it was introduced into China’s inner provinces in the Han Dynasty and it had left so many traces over this vast region.

In addition, the gurgling springs and singing birds inside the canyon add a lovely touch. The geographically unique features of the canyon are focus of artists who come here seeking inspiration. The famous Chinese film director-Chen Kaige shot his masterpiece-Wuji here and it is recognized that the unbelievable charming background of that film has contributed greatly to this hit.