Kashgar Old Town

Kashgar Old Town Kashgar old town contains a large group of Uygur residential houses . The Old Town city is now home to 630 homes with more than 2450 people, all of whom are Muslims.

The town has a history of over 2,000 years. It was said that Banchao, Eastern Hanís envoy to the Western Region once stayed here on his way. It was a summer palace during the Kalahan Dynasty.

The town is located at a precipitous position with mud-thatched buildings densely built one atop another. Numerous small lanes crisscross the town and reach every corner of it. inside the town, are those hundreds-year-old, most of which are two or three-storyed simple architecture. Usually, each house is equipped with a staircase leads to the building top but be cautious that all of the staircases havenít been facilitated with protecting chains. Moreover, some architecture is dilapidated which seems to collapse at any time. For the sake of safety, when traveling there do not be away from your group and tour guides and climb those staircases alone.

Each house has a courtyard, some big and some small, the size of which is due to the terrain. Similarly, all the yards grow the Muslim-favored trees and flowers, such as mulberry, figs, megranate, almond, grape, rose, China rose. The yards are heavily shaded, proving a tranquil environment for relaxing and refreshing. Inside bigger yards, the owner even built up a pergola for grape vines.