Grape Valley

Grape valley in TurpanGrape Valley is at the Northeast of Turpan city, some 10 kilometers away from it. It is a gully to the west of the Flaming Mountain. The valley runs 8 kilometers long, spans 0.6-2.0 kilometers wide. While the west side of the valley hangs sheer cliffs inside the valley is a forest of intertwined grape vines. Around the grape gardens towers vibrant poplar trees interspersed with a few flowers. Cottages and adobe houses are elaborately arranged on the slopes. ?

Turpan is nationally known for its grapes and dried raisins. The area began to plant grape as early as the Han Dynasty. When Zhangqian visited Western Region, over 2,000 years ago he found that people here has already grew grape and Zhang later introduce the grape into the inland provinces of China.  

Under the twisted vines, set up many stalls selling kebabs, steaming noodles and dried raisins to travelers. In addition, the Wei Minority singing and dancing show is displayed here daily. Grape Valley is where most tourists stop for lunch during midday.