Bayandulak Grassland3

Bayandulak GrasslandBayandulak Grassland is at the southeast foot of the Tianshan Mountain, some 363 kilometers away from Korla city. The fertile prairie is characterized by abundant water resource, verdant grass, flocks of sheep and castles. 

Bayandulak means “abundant springs” in the local dialect. The 23.000-square-kilometer grassland is home to Mongol, Tibetan and other 6 ethical groups who jointly contribute the area’s cultural diversity.

The famed Swan Lake is located on the prairie. The lake actually is a vast marshland filled with numerous connected small lakes. The area is luxuriant with comfortable weather condition and beautiful natural scenery, making it the first natural reserve for swans. Every morning, when the sun rises and people in yurts begin to work, endless flocks of swans fly over the lake and hover above the grassland. Swans, flocks of flying wild gooses, rippling lake water, towering snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys and the yurts create a stunningly beautiful scene.  

In addition, the area also settle many other birds such as mallards, lavrocks, larks, wild gooses.