Jiayuguan-Lanzhou-Xi'an-Lhasa-Xi'an-Shanghai 16Days

Day-1: Beijing--Arrive in Beijing

Day-2: Beijing-Urumqi--Fly to Urumqi

Day-3: Urumqi-Kashgar--Drive to Tianshan Mountains, visit the Heavenly Lake, then drive back and visit the Xinjiang Museum.In the afternoon fly to Kashgar

Day-4: Kashgar-Urumqi--Full day tour of Idkah Mosque, the Apak Hoja Tombs, Bazzar, then visit the Uygur family. After dinner fly back to Urumqi

Day-5: Urumqi-Turpan--Drive to the Southern Mountains Valley,a grassland, visit the  Kazak yurts,  then drive to Turpan , visit the irrigation system-Karez, Emin Mineret. Enjoy Uygur singing and dancing

Day-6: Turpan-Dunhuang--Visit the Ruins of Ancient City Gaochang, Beziklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes. Ancient Astana Tombs, the Flaming Mountain, catch the night train to Dunhuang after dinner.

Day-7: Dunhuang--Drive to Dunhuang, visit Mogao Grottoes, Minsha Hill, Crescent Moon Lake.

Day-8: Dunhuang-Jiayuguan--Drive to Jiayuguan,visit the Great Wall  of Jiayuguan.

Day-9: Jiayuguan-Lanzhou--Fly to Lanzhou, city sightseeing if time permits.

Day-10: Lanzhou-Xi'an --Fly to Xi'an, visit Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Day-11: Xi'an-Lhasa--Fly to Lhasa, capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region ,transfer to the hotel and relax.

Day-12: Lhasa--A full day tour of Potala palace, which was set up in the 7th century during the reign of King Songtsangampo and covers an area of 41 hectares, 13-story main building,117meters in height, consists of the white and red palace with 1000 rooms. It's the headquarters of the Dalai Lamas,and is treasure house of traditional Tibetan culture, had been put on the list ofjthe world culture heritage. Then visit the Dropung monastery.

Day-13: Lhasa--Visit Sera monastery, which lies at the foot of a mountain on the northern outskirts of Lhasa. The structure of the building is imposing, picture in disorder and splendid in green and gold. Then visit Jokhang temple and Norbulink Park that was the summer palace for Dalai Lama, from the mid-18th century which Dalai Lama moved to here during the summer season.

Day-14: Lhasa-Xi'an--Visit the Terracotta Warriors

Day-15: Xi'an-Shanghai--Fly to Shanghai, visit Yu Garden. The Bund.

Day-16: Leave Shanghai for your hometown.