Grand Tour from Khunjerab to Beijing by Self-equipped Vehicles

Two entrances are available:

1. Entrance via the Kunjirap Pass--You will pass by the following counties or cities in Xinjiang and 9 days are needed for the tour within Xinjiang:
  • Taxkorgan: Stone Castile, Ruins of Ancient Post, Tajik life.
  • Kashgar: On the way to Kashgar from Taxkorgan, Konghui Peak, Kongur Jiube Peak, Muztag Ata Peak, Kalakuli Lake, Kirkiz herders� life; in Kashgar, ldkah Mosque, Abakh Hojia Tomb, Sunday Bazaar.
  • Aksu: Sighseeing of the city, Kekhya Shelter-forest at the gobi-desert, ancient tombs in Wensu Country.
  • Kuqa: Kezil Thousand Buddha Caves, Kezilgaha Ancient Beacon Tower, the Ruins of Subashi Buddhist Temple of the Tang times ( subash ), Natural �Sculpture�, life of Uyghur peasants.
  • Korla: A fishing village at lake Bosteng, site of ancient pass: Tememnguan ( Iran Gate Pass ).
  • Trupan: Gaochang and Jiaohe ( two sites of ancient cities ), Astana-hojia ancient tombs, Bezeklik Buddhist Caves, Grape Valley, Karez irrigation system, Ermin Miranet.
  • Hami: Sightseeing of the city, Tomb of Uyghur Kings, Gazi tomb of a Tungan lslam Prophet.

2. Entrance via Horgoss Pass--You will pass by the fellowing cities and counties, 9 days are needed for the tour in Xinjiang:

  • Yinying: Sightseeing of city, visit apple archards, visit Huiyuan Bell Tower, the site of Yili General Mansion of the Qing times.
  • Lake Sarim: High mountain lake landscape, bird watching, Kazakh and Mongolian herders�life, camping.
  • Shihezi: City sightseeing, visit a farm.
  • Urumqi: xinjiang Museum, sightseeing of the city.
  • Heavenly Lake: Scenery of this high mountain lake. (UN Man and Biography Zone)
  • Qitai: On the way, visits the Wild Horse Breeding Centre in Jimsar County, the site of ruins of the ancient Beitin city, the site of ancient Gaochang Uyghur buddhist temple, and the ruins of a Tang Dynasty city. You will take a trip around an area of siliceous sinter and the �Ghost Town�, a weathering formation.
  • Balikun ( Barkol ): Trip along the Puli lake, scenery of the pastrues, visit Kazakh herder�s home; visit a site of the Tang Dynasty town, and the city site of the Qing Dynasty.
  • Hami: City sightseeing, visit the tombs of Hami Uyghur Kings, visit Gaz tomb, a tamb of a Muslim Chinese prophet.Outside xinjiang, we will stay and visit the following cities and towns:

In Gansu Province: Dunhuang ( Mogao Caves, Sounding Sand Hill, Crecent Moon Spring ), jiayuguan City ( Great Wall, Jiayuguan Tower ), Wuwei ( Loshi Pagoda Temple, Confucius temple, ancient Bell Tower ), Past Zhangye, visit Great Buddhist Temple, Confucius Temple, ancient Bell Tower ), past Zhangye, visit Great Buddh Temple, Lanzhou ( Gansu Museum, Yellow River Bridge, Binlin Temple Caves ), Lunxi County ( Lanndscape ), Tianshui City ( Maijishan Caves, Yuquan Taoist Temple ), Huixian ( Sightseeing, landscape).

In Shaan�xi Province: Feng Xian ( Mountain Landscape ), baoji City ( Jingtai Temple, Museun ), Xi�an ( qin Terra-cotta Army, Huaqin Pool, Fameng Temple, Provincial Museum, Dayan Pagoda, sightseeing ), Huayin County ( Scenery of Huashan Mountain ).

In Henan Province: Sanmengxia City ( Yellow River Dam ), Luoyang ( Lunment Caves, white Horse Temple ), Xinxiang ( on the way, visit Sun Dynasty Emperor Tombs, kh�un Xian Caves, Zhenzhou Yellow River Park, and in Xinxiang City, visit Dunyue Temple ).

In Hebei Province: Handan City ( Wulin Tai ( an ancient site ), Luxian Temple, Xuebu Bridge ), Shijiazhuang City ( Benthune Tomb, sightseeing of the city. ).

In the City of Beijing: Forbiden City, then Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Great wall, Sightseeing )

It takes 9 days in Xinjiang and 23 days in other places of China. In total 32 days are needed for this tour. The best season: May to Ocotber. Hotels are available on the long tour. Camping is possible in some of the places