Green Means Opportunity for-

Green Investment is Hot in China

One of China's main priorities as it enters the 21st century is developing and utilizing technologies to solve the major environmental challenges it is currently facing and will face in the future. These efforts are focused on technologies that will treat wastewater, prevent air pollution and improve environmental monitoring systems. There are a number of policies that the State Environmental Protection Administration is considering. Adopting the "polluter pays" principle, and allowing for accumulation of funds for pollution abatement are currently policies being enacted. Ensuring that fees charged on pollutants are higher than abatement costs and strengthening existing laws, which are not strongly enforced and impose only small fines on pollutant emissions exceeding the legal limit, also are being considered.

Future Chinese environmental initiatives also may include formulating a tax structure beneficial to environmental protection, and granting preferential loans and subsidies to enterprises that construct and operate pollution treatment facilities or produce environmentally friendly products. Therefore, China is the market for "Green Investment" in this challenging century...

Sharplinks China Investment Guide (Green Investment)

  • Environmental Protection
  • Agriculture,Forestry, Husbandry,Fishery
  • Metallurgy & Mining Industry
  • High New Science Technology
  • Education & Training
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipments
  • Communications & Informaton Tech.
  • Transportation
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Water & Electricity, Energy
  • Petroleum & Chemical Industry
  • Tourism & Recreation
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