Overview of China's Higher Education

As one of the priorities of China's economic and social development, education is a matter of great concern to the government. The decisive guiding principle that "Education should be geared to the needs of modernization, of the world and of the future" (Message written for Jingshan School by Deng Xiaoping on October 1, 1983) has promoted the speedy development of China's educational undertakings. China has attained considerable achievements attracting worldwide attention in education. According to the latest statistics, by the end of 2006 there were 1,723 universities and colleges in China, with 5.36 million students in total, annual recruitment of fresh year students is over 1.6 million. Most Importantly, there are four hundred and seventy-five foriegn universities and colleges has set up their programs in collaboration with their counterparts in China. Joint adventure educational programs has gradually become a risk-free, profitable, and long-term business, which shapes a solid ground for the process of globalization. Joint adventure programs are mostly focused on the subjects of business management, such as MBA, MPA and MFA, indicating a promising market for China Education Industry... Click here to view the full list of Universities in China. All of them are Governmental Sponsered Universities With Full Credibility of higher education in China. For more information Please Contact Sharplinks.

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For Universities and Colleges

  • Building Partnership Between Universities
  • Coordinating Joint Adventure Programs
  • Providing Guidence for Research Grants
  • Rotating Facultis Between Universities
  • Recruiting Post-Doctorals to China

For Students or Prospective Students

  • Providing Info on Universities in China
  • Providing Info on Programs of Universities
  • Rotating Students Between Universities
  • Providing Info on Internship iin China
  • Providing Info on Student's Visa Application
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